Scholarships & Funding

Basketball Scholarships:    

Although the passing of title IX in 1972 meant that women could no longer be excluded from intercollegiate sports, it took UWGB several years to organize funding for these programs. While the men’s basketball team had scholarships readily available for its players, the women’s basketball team did not begin to receive scholarships for four years. During this year, Carol Hammerle explained that the team did several bake sales, worked concessions at games, and even organized softball tournaments in order to raise money for scholarships. On the other hand, an interview with the men’s basketball coach Dave Buss revealed that while the team did engage in some fundraising activities to raise money for scholarships when it really came down to it the money was always there. When asked where the money in their budget came from, Buss replied:

I don’t know. I mean we were trying to raise money…It’s funny all the money that’s there now, and then Ed came up with money; I don’t know where he came up with it…but if it was important and we needed it, we got it. It came from somewhere.

Tennis Scholarships:

When Jan Pum was hired to create and coach the women’s tennis team in 1975, there were obvious inequalities with funding in comparison with the men’s tennis team. While the men’s team had scholarships and tuition for players from the beginning, for the women’s team these were non-existent. 

We were never given a full scholarship…we were given tuition and a certain amount of money for scholarships for each player. If there was an excess, I could designate to maybe my number one player that she could have books paid for…she could apply a little more to whatever she wanted it for.
– Jan Pum

Tennis Team
Julie Vanerwall, [Women’s Tennis Team], Photo, Fourth Estate, May 2, 1996, p. 8, UWGB Archives, Cofrin Library, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.