Chancellors’ Influence


Photo: Edward W. Weidner
Edward W. Weidner (1966-1986)
Photo: David L. Outcalt
David L. Outcalt (1986-1993)






Photo: Mark L. Perkins
Mark L. Perkins (1994-2001)


Photo: Bruce Shepard
Bruce Shepard (2001-2008)






Thomas Harding
Thomas K. Harden (2009-2014)
Photo: Gary L. Miller
Gary L. Miller (2014-present)








Influence on Funding:

Ed Weidner and David Outcalt played the most influential roles as chancellor in the development of the women’s sports program.

Weidner was the chancellor of UW-Green Bay when Title IX was passed and was one of the main enforcers in turning men’s basketball into a Division I program. Because of this goal, it seems that a greater emphasis was placed on the men’s financial need for their basketball team than on the women’s. This is evident in an interview with Dave Buss in which he suggested that whenever money was needed it was just there; if it was important and the team needed it Chancellor Weidner seemed to make it happen.

Conversely, coached by Carol Hammerle, the women’s basketball team spent a lot of time fundraising in order to raise enough money for scholarships. In an attempt to do so, the team organized bake sales, worked concessions, and organized softball tournaments.

Sports Facilities for Men and Women:

In an interview with Chancellor David Outcalt, he blamed the inequality between the men’s and women’s sports facilities on Governor Lucy’s idea to cut down the size of the sports center. While Outcalt blatantly states that this resulted in adequate facilities for the men and inadequate facilities for the women, he fails to give an actual reason as to why this was the result of downsizing the facility.

Phoenix Sports Center, 1975

When asked to expand upon his views on women’s sports, Outcalt stated, “Well, the women’s basketball team has always been a winning team. Carol Hammerle was the coach when I was there, on down the line, we have excellent coaches and darn good student athletes.”