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How female faculty and staff wives influenced our University
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Women have played an intricate role throughout UWGB's history.
The University League is just one Example.
The First Female Leaders
of our
and their Legacy

The University of Wisconsin- Green Bay University League began in 1969, only four short years after our campus’s founding. The University League played an intricate role for women on our campus providing a space for them to hold leadership roles, organize events, and give back to the community of Green Bay.

The primary goals of the University League provided housing for new faculty members, social events for the school’s faculty, provide community outreach programs, engage in a relationship with the city and the University, and raise scholarship funds for students.

The University League provided community for female faculty and for wives of faculty members in which they were able to come together and work towards making campus open to further intellectual conversations through social events.

Our Team

Real Students. Real Research.

Anastasia McCain

Student Researcher
Anastasia’s primary research revolved around how the University League began and what the organizations beginning goals were. She also conducted interviews with past University League members.

Sierra Aboulhassani

Student Researcher
Sierra focused on how the University League evolved over the course of 4 decades from a primarily social gathering organization among the members, into one that concentrated on fundraising and community outreach.

Dani Fulwiler

Student Researcher
Dani’s primary research focused on the scholarships the University League provided for students along with the community outreach program Knapsack Storytellers that members of the University League were a part of.

Emily Gluck

Student Researcher
Emily’s primary research focused on the membership of the University League, and how the membership guidelines, perks and by-laws, changed throughout the course of the running of the organization.

Abigail Rowell

Student Researcher
Abigail focused the majority of her research on the legacy the University League left on our campus as well as the contributions the University League had through their store, Second Gear.